Monday, September 27, 2010

90 Ball Bingo: Where and how it started

Most people nowadays know 90 ball bingo only as an online casino game, but actually has a long and colorful history offline. To start off, 90 ball bingo was not intended for gambling or casino.

This bingo variation originated in the United Kingdom way back in the 16th century. It was introduced then as a state-run lottery game and was more of a community activity event. Then this lottery game spread throughout Europe. By the 18th century, it had evolved and developed into a bingo type of game.

In those times, the game wasn’t yet called Bingo; although games like lottery, tombola, housey-housey (famous in military camps), and beanie (famous in carnivals) have already come out and were played pretty much like how 90 ball bingo is played today.

Then in 1929, Edwin Lowe, the acknowledged inventor of 75 ball bingo, named the game as bingo. He happened to stop by a carnival wherein people where playing beano and someone (who had the number of his cards completely marked) shouted ‘bingo’ instead of beano. Lowe then went home and, as a happy camper, commercialized the game, sold it as a toy set, and called it bingo.

Later in the century, the game’s popularity rose and moved outside the United Kingdom. It eventually reached the United States and captivated American audiences.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, 90 ball bingo has become more known, and has even captivated players from Asian and Latin American countries. In fact, 90 ball online bingo is now one of the most popular online casino games offered by top casino portals.

Indeed, bingo has come a long way. Yet from the early paper cards to the latest virtual cards, virtual callers, and virtual payouts, the game and its enjoyment factor is still the same. And however it basically still ends with that awesome resounding shout: BINGO!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Server-based Gaming: Along the Course of Time

Around middle of 2005, server-based gaming was still in the process of realizing what seemed to be a good concept for casino’s slot machines. Three years after, in 2008, server-based gaming realized full fruition. Manufacturers and operators started offering server-based slot machine games. A certain casino in MGM, for one, converted an entire floor of slot machines to offer the server-based gaming platform.

Basically, server-based gaming gives both the players and the operators the freedom to customize their gaming according to what they want. Operators can choose which features to use and include in their slot machines, according to individual preferences. These preferences include the ability to ‘change themes, promotions, the amount that can be wagered and the hold at a touch of a few keystrokes.’ Of course, this is exactly what made the platform very attractive to casino players.

On the players’ side, server-based gaming, allow a number of players to play across a series of machines and will also make it possible for the machine to keep track of the players progress. This allows player to rejoin in the previously saved game from a server even if the player plays at a different location.

Since its breakthrough in 2008, and it’s subsequent popularity among gamers, server-based gaming hasn’t gone all-out to casinos yet. Some still prefer the old slot machines. People even testified that sliding a coin through a machine and hearing the coins jingle as they drop on the plate was way more fun than online slot machines.

But the (cliché) argument remains; technology is rapidly advancing. Embracing what’s new doesn’t really mean forgetting the traditional. It’s true that many of the older generation and the traditional casino die-hards are no fans of online casino. But they are only a segment of the population. That’s why land-based casinos are still raking in a lot of cash. Meanwhile, those who prefer the online media may also enjoy casino games through their computer consoles and mobile devices.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Become a Professional Poker Player

The journey from amateur to Professional Poker playing

Often I get asked – what makes a poker player a professional one? And my usual answer is – there isn’t any magic component of a list of rules to live by that will turn you into a professional poker player. Each person is unique and each of us usually has a different starting point. Some of us played since they were three years old, and some of us played for the first time in their twenties. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the first out of the two above will play better than the one will less years of experience; it just means that the path these two people will need to take on their journey of becoming a professional poker player is different.

Should I buy a ‘Learn how to play pro Poker’ book?

Well, this really depends on whether you are the type of person who usually manages to learn from books. If you are, than yes, defiantly buy a book. ‘Poker lessons and tips’ or ‘Poker for beginners’ books are an excellent way of improving your technique. There are many professional poker players who are willing to share their experience in order to earn extra cash from books selling. On the other hand, If you never had a good connection with books, don’t start with poker books. Enjoying the game will not turn you over night into an enthusiastic reader and will not give you the sadden ability to learn out of books.

Should I participate in poker forums?

Poker forums are a great way to get some answers for question or indecisions you may have for how to handle yourself in certain situations when you’re playing a poker game or a Texas Holdem tournament. The popular forums might even provide you with an almost instant answer to any question. Generally forums are a great example of the internet global community and how people enjoy helping one another if they can. Poker isn’t different in that way and you’ll always find someone that can and will answer your question.

Should I play in real money poker games?

Real money poker games are a great way to get you toughened up and turn your amateur gaming to a more professional one. When real money is involved you tend to be more careful with your decisions. Of course, you shouldn’t start playing with real money till you’ve played some free online poker games. There’s no point in jumping into the deep water till you’ve at least learn how to swim, or at least master the movements you need to do in order to prevent yourself from drowning. Free poker games are available in many forms. Two major ones are: free flash games, usually can be found in free games sites and the free games that are available in all major online poker rooms that offer real money poker games.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Should there be an online poker income tax?

Almost every source of income of every individual faces the word TAX. According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, tax is a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes.

The popularity of online poker has undeniably risen from where it took off. More people playing, betting, and winning. Some play poker for fun, while others treat poker as an alternative source of income aside from their usual 9-5 job.

Since people are earning from online poker, is it just right to impose tax on it too?

Other countries, like Canada, have imposed taxes on online poker. Maybe because they could see that it brings in more income to people, meaning for revenue or money for public use - and it's a good thing if it really would go for public use.

Other countries who ban online poker, or that it hasn't been legalized yet may not have seen this little advantage of the game. It could help one way or another. But that's speaking about the advantages of placing income on online poker on the side of the authorities or government.

The big question would be: would the people playing online poker like the thought of it? Maybe yes, if they do think about the welfare of most people and if they do think that it could help the community, state, or country in a way. But others may not like it. It's their alternative way of living, they earn extra money in playing the game to somehow help them earn extra money to get pass the day. With crisis looming over the corner, people would want to earn extra and earn big.

Would the people go for it? Would the people like the thought of it? Would the people love the effects of it? The things is... it's money matters, and it's complicated.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Iowa’s Online Poker situation a sudden turn

Long before, when legislators were eyeing to legalize online poker in United States, Iowa had the closest and most possible chance of having online poker not only legalized but also expanded in their state, they could have been the first state to have that “precious” legalization.

But what seemed to be a sure shot suddenly turned a little twist in the story. After two weeks of deliberation, the dreamy legalization of online poker in the state was erased and totally out of the picture. Iowan legislators cannot decide on what to do and how to do it. Plans on legalizing and expanding online poker in the state have been abandoned. This decision has been the result of long debates and arguments thrown by both sides of the case. Clearly, the opposition won.

While other states still have a pending case to solve regarding legalization of online poker as well, this case would most likely happen. The longer the debates, the more time would the opposition have to persuade the ones who agree to go to their side. The end part would be, if indeed they would be persuaded or if they’re will is strong enough to really pursue the legalization of online poker.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Online poker rooms’ St. Patrick’s Day Special

You don’t need four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, and golden nuggets to get lucky because online poker rooms themselves have brought in some luck for their loyal online poker players.

Different freebies and discounts are given by online poker rooms so that their players would enjoy their share of luck on their St. Patrick’s Day specials. Some poker rooms offer a 50% reload bonus so that players could continue with their play - that’s double the gameplay and fun! Others offer bonuses on St. Patrick’s Day upon making a deposit and players would also receive additional funds once they unlocked a certain score or level. While some poker rooms, amazingly, places a huge amount up for grabs – a whopping $50,000.

With big bonuses and a big cash prize at stake on different online poker rooms, players would surely want to play in different poker rooms to take advantage of the poker game that they used to play. And this only happens on St. Patrick’s Day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Online gambling arrests in China rampant

Looks like the Chinese government are taking serious measures regarding online gambling.

Around 210 are confirmed to have committed online gambling crimes while 918 others are in custody. These numbers grew rapidly in just a span of 13 days. The efforts of the Chinese government in enforcing strict measures on online gambling have been all out in full force. They have issued a warning on cracking down illegal online gambling within the country including anyone who is operating, advertising, or any ties with an online gambling site.

This kind of enforcement, not meaning to judge how China does it, may bring a negative impact to the face of online gambling to the world. People from other countries have been trying their best to legalize online gambling only to see such scenario from other part of the world. It might not happen to where they are but it can be an inspiration to those who oppose the legalization of online gambling.